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At iBusiness Services, our highly trained staff works to convert your business website and information to iOS platforms, as well as other mobile platforms. This crucial service will make you more competitive in the marketplace. With the growing number of people who do most of their shopping and reading on their mobile devices, you need to have the ability to reach them through their chosen internet access point.

Mobile Platforms

What are mobile platforms? They, basically, are hand-held computers. Today, you carry, in your pocket, more computing power than was used on the first B1 bombers. You have a better camera on your iPhone than was used to take 98% of the most famous photographs in the world. You have a music player that leaves the old-fashioned Walkman in dusty, forgotten shadows.

And yet, most websites are still designed to download only on laptops and PC screens.

This is why iBusiness exists. We want to change the face of your website, updating it so that the newest devices can clearly display information about your business products and services.

Mobile Operating Systems

Your website should be designed to use several different mobile operating systems. Called OS, some of these operating systems are exclusive to the various hand-held mobile devices, and include OS for:

Fire OS, Web OS, iOS, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS, BlackBerry 10 OS, Danger OS,
Firefox OS, Sailfish OS, Android Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Samsung Smart TV, Tizen, Windows Desktop, Windows Runtime.

All of these operating systems work on a wide variety of mobile devices, and your website won’t work with them, unless you have had it designed specifically to do so.


If you have apps for your smartphone or iPhone, they run on one of the OS or platforms. You just can’t get away from it, and an entire industry has been built on adapting websites to these multitudinous OS systems. Thankfully, you have iBusiness Services to do the conversions for you.

Over the years, apps have evolved into an industry all their own. At iBusiness Services, we can develop apps for your business that will be available on multiple devices.

The changes in OS right now, and the apps available to them, are in the midst of a revolution that is quite similar to that of the computer industry in the early 1980s. As the microcomputer evolved and faced tremendous changes over the next 20 years, so have apps for the mobile market over the last 15.


We will make sure your website downloads quickly so that you don’t frustrate your customers and potential customers. Our web design will make it easy for customers to navigate your website on their hand-held devices. If they want to place an order, your shopping cart should be easy to find on that 3” by 4” screen.

Contact iBusiness Services to convert your website to a mobile OS. You can be on the front edge of the technology revolution.