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After Work Drinks: All Of It Adds Up

By on Jul 26, 2016 in Outside The Office | 0 comments


Particular professions can not appear to shake off the stereotype labelling them as frequent drinkers. Whether it is contractors relaxing with a few pints after advertising representatives or a hard day’s graft dining and wining their customers, the premise stays.

But how precise are these stereotypes?

A recent government survey of 1,400 workers from different businesses uncovered which sectors drink the most units of booze every week. The results put the subsequent sectors at the top:Media, publishing or amusement workers – 44 components on averageIT workers – 34 units on averageService sector (e.g., restaurant, retail, hospitality) workers – 33 units on averageFinance, insurance and real estate workers – 29 units on average. Among those reasonable drinkers were those and teachers in the travel and transportation sector, have on average 24 units weekly.

Many workers in the united kingdom are drinking above the authorities urged guidelines and are in danger of damaging their health. The recommended daily booze unit consumption is 3-4 units for men and 2-3 units for women. Multiplying this by five working days equates to 21 – 28 units for men and 14 – 21 units for women, which many individuals in the sectors above are surpassing often.

Under pressure

What’s causing individuals in specific businesses to drink heavily?29% of the media and IT sectors and 25% of the finance sector said the office drinking culture was a variable, together with pressure from co-workers to drink after work.52% of everyone interviewed mentioned anxiety as a leading variable and they drink to alleviate a nerve-racking day. At least one time a day approximately 30% of individuals from every sector in the survey admitted to drinking to alleviate pressure. The options

Socialising with work co-workers does not have to include propping up the bar. There are other options which with a little imagination and forward planning will not result in a hangover the next day and can be a great deal more interesting.

If it actually is a case of mission impossible to go out with your workmates and remain sober, begin filling your after work diary with other actions that may support you not to follow them to the pub in Taunton.

Here are a few ideas: 

print your cinema tickets in advance Рfilms generally have screenings early in the evening, perfect for catching a movie after work. Do shopping or errands after work Рthis will give you more free time on weekends to relax and do the things you love. Better yet, make plans for the weekend so that you just have weekday evenings to do the chores. New class or athletic action Рtry something new! Enrol in an evening course or take up a fresh sport. You will meet new folks and might even make it a weekly event. !

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