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Can Automated and Free Translation Services Be Accurate?

By on Jul 15, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Technology developments in AI and OCR are making automated translation apps a lot more prevalent, but accuracy is one of the biggest complaints when using these apps. It’s a price we’re still willing to pay, but it can be a huge headache. Check out our top 3 apps for accurate translation from English to other languages!

1) Google Translate: for accuracy and convenience. Google Translate is an app that can use machine learning with their servers in order to provide faster and more accurate translations across languages worldwide. This app offers both speech recognition and text translation, as well as voice input for detailed translations of phrases or sentences. As an added bonus, it can even recognize the language that you speak! On the downside, this app only runs on certain Android devices and you need to sign up with your Google Account in order to use it.

2) Microsoft Translator: for accuracy and ease of use. Microsoft Translator is a translation app that can identify which language you are speaking in real time, then translate it into any of 59 different languages. It also offers instant offline translation as well as English text-to-speech functionality. Microsoft Translator can be used offline, where the app will automatically download translation packs for your local area. One downside is that you need to sign in with your Microsoft account, and only certain Windows devices can use it.

3) Google Duo: for speed and accuracy. If you want to try out translation apps, then Duo by Google is a great place to start! We mean that literally—Duo is a video calling app that has Google’s own translation technology built right into it. You can use it to call people in other countries and speak to them in your own language. It even comes with an offline mode, so you can still chat even when you’re not on the internet! A downside is that Duo only works with certain Android devices, but if you’re looking for speed and accuracy, then this app could be perfect for you.

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