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How To Build A Cedar Cladding Business From Scratch

By on Nov 16, 2015 in Businesses, starting a business | 0 comments

As you build your cedar cladding business, you will have a number of factors to consider. You will need to use a combination of traditional and internet marketing and shopping experiences. You will also need vendors who can fill your orders, and rliable shipping. Consider, too, the types of payments you are willing to accept from your customers. These pointers for setting up your cladding business will help keep your customers happy.

Local Marketing

If you are just starting your cedar cladding business, you face a lot of competition from the big national chains. How will you hold your own against them? Part of your success will come through marketing.


You need to plan out your marketing campaign so that you market towards to correct clientele. Local marketing will bring in artisans looking for special materials. These materials often have a bigger profit margin than other items. You will also find the hobbiest and DIY demographics. They will respond because of the quality of your product, your willingness to place small orders, and the skilled attention that normally goes with personally owned business.

Small contractors may need to be convinced that you can provide enough cedar cladding for their construction company. It is the same with large, commercial contractors. You are in charge of the customer base to whom you market. Only market to the groups you know you can supply.

Online Marketing

Your first job when you go online is to make sure your website converts easily to handheld devices. Since 2014, the majority of internet users have used smartphones for shopping. If your website does not donverteasily, you will not be competition.

An inexpensive way to market your cladding business online is through social media. Build a profile for your business, and get an account on each of the most popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By posting updates regularly, commenting on other people’s statuses, and replying when they comment, your business builds credibility with search engines, moving you up in rankings.

Vendors For Your Cedar Cladding Business

You will need to get your products from a reliable source. Check each vendor’s record with customer deliveries. The last thing you need is to make a big sale and find that your vendor cannot fill the order. Check their sources for products, and if they have their own mill, check their uptime reports.

Check Shipping Companies

Another kiss of death is poor shipping practices. Your vendor may have plenty of access to the materials you order, but are they prompt in filling orders? Ask for a list of customers, and then follow up with phone calls. Find out if the vendor actually delivers as promised.


In addition, find out the vendor’s plans for bad weather. A competent vendor will have a contengency plan for all of the areas to which he ships. You also want someone who will deliver Products ordered from you safely. Construction materials are prime targets for thieves.

Do your research, and take advantage of affordable advertising and marketing on the internet. With planning and attention to detail, your cladding business will thrive.

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