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Marketing Your Planters Business

By on Sep 29, 2015 in Businesses | 0 comments

We here at iBusiness know a thing or two about marketing. In fact, we know a lot more than a thing or two, and are always eager to share with our customers. Building brand recognition, finding the right customers, broadening your demographics, and building customer lists are all best approached with an organized strategy for gathering and analyzing information. We can guide you in marketing your business, no matter what you sell. In this case, here are some pointers on how to market your planters business.


Planters UK

Planters have become a go-to product for individuals, corporations, and municipalities that are looking for ways to beautify their properties. It’s good to keep this in mind as you market your planters.

Cities and townships are working diligently to increase their green spaces in an effort to purify air and add humidity to the atmosphere. One of the most logical ways to do this is through the use of planters. This is because cities have a great deal of paved area, with streets, sidewalks, and parking lots coating the soil with impenetrable concrete. To counter this, they often order custom planters to bring soil, water, and living plants back into these areas.

In the interest of marketing your planters business, you should prepare a sales pitch that shows what can be done with planters in urban situations. If you have not done a lot of this work, yet, then hire professionally done renderings that can demonstrate what certain areas would look like when landscaped with planters UK. On your website it is an excellent idea to have a tab for municipalities, with a full listing of services they may hire from you. While you may not be interested in landscaping maintenance, you can see to it that customized planters are placed in the correct locations, with the appropriate plantings. By presenting this material to city councils, you can begin to add potentially large orders for planters.


Corporations also are looking for ways to add green space, both around their office complexes and inside large buildings. This can be another section of your website, in which corporations can see just what your planter business can do for their facilities. It has been discovered that live plants actually purify air in closed spaces, reducing allergens and converting noxious gasses to oxygen. Plant life also reduces eye strain by breaking up man made architectural lines and filtering overhead light. Render examples of planters that can be installed in office spaces and stores, so that people can visualize what their property would look like with plantings.

Individuals are even looking for custom planters for their property. This can be an excellent way to add a personal touch to rental property or to highlight a particular specimen plant.

Most people cannot visualize abstract concepts. This is why it is so important for you to include as many photographs as possible, and supply architectural renderings where real life examples are not available.

Finally, be prepared to fulfill large orders you may receive from the bigger customers.


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