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At iBusiness Services, we will convert your website to OS based devices. Handheld devices use separate operating systems, totally different from PCs and laptops. This requires redesign, so that your website will download quickly and be easy to navigate. We provide many different services to make this happen.


One of the first steps to converting your website to mobile OS is to create a new HTML file. We use a special code that will make your site malleable to the OS to be used later.


You will need three different sizes of icons for your site. Whether you use your business logo or some other icon to symbolize your company, the three sizes are necessary so that your site will download on different mobile devices.

Manifest File

Another service we provide for our customers is to develop a file called a manifest. This is coding that will activate your images, blogs, and establish your developer and URL identifications. The manifest file is crucial to successful function of your site.

Create the Installation Package

Once we have completed the previous steps of forming an HTML, developing appropriate varieties of icons, and building a manifest file, we will create the install package for your app. This will usually be in the form of a zip file, and, once it is opened, gives you the ability to install your app.


Your zip package is ready to submit to the OS of choice. We use our accounts to open your apps, and we will take care of the responses to review and approval.

These services are all part of the package when you contact iBusiness Services to develop your app.

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