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How to Make a Good Business Website

How to Make a Good Business Website

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Your business can make a great splash on the internet with a well-designed website. But, how do you get one of those?

Two Method of Building a Website

There are basically two methods for getting a business website. The first one is to do it yourself. This is actually not as hard as you may think. Web hosts have templates available for that very reason. You can plug your information into the templates, using the colours, fonts, and graphics you want. You can also determine the navigation you want on the site, and it is your choice as to where the tabs are placed.

When you do this, you will need to visit your own website regularly. Click on every link, and open every tab, to make sure everything is still working. Every time you make a change to the website, you need to check to make sure that everything works.

The other way to build a website is to get the web host to do it, or to hire it done. If you don’t have any experience in graphics or in design, this may be the best way to go. A professional designer will be able to make your website attractive yet captivating.


One of the considerations for building your website is to make sure it will download quickly on mobile devices. This will require the development of files that enable your website to convert to various Oss smoothly and quickly. This coding is somewhat advanced, and you can learn to do it yourself, but is it worth the time? Most business owners don’t have the time to develop these intricate coding files, so it often falls to the duty of the web host to do so.


The site itself will usually have flash on it. Flash is the software that makes things move on your website. If you have video, strobes, music, or speciality cursors on your site, it will not download onto mobile devices. This has caused many savvy business people to make sure their websites are redesigned to translate well, regardless of the OS.

In general, you want to make sure that the colours you use in your design are easy to look at. If you use fluorescent yellow as a background colour, the viewer’s eyes will get tired before he or she is finished shopping at your site. So, background colour is important when designing your site.

The colour and font of the text is also important. There are many fonts in which certain numbers and letters look similar. This can cost you a lot of money, when shoppers can’t decipher catalog numbers or contact numbers. The colour should stand out from the background, rather than blending in with it.

Overall, professional input on your website design is crucial to your online success. That’s one of the reasons that hiring iBusiness Services is a smart move.

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