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Why Paper Business Cards Are Being Replaced by Frosted Plastic Cards

Why Paper Business Cards Are Being Replaced by Frosted Plastic Cards

By on Mar 15, 2017 in Office Gossip | 0 comments

As somebody who does a lot of traveling and meeting with new clients, I know that business cards are everywhere in today’s world. In reality, they are about as common as placing mustard. Several types of mustard are available in the grocery stores, which is a prime example of the way things that have great value are reinvented as time passes. The traditional paper business cards which were used for numerous years are another example, and modern frosted plastic cards are now replacing them.

Precisely what’re frosted cards?

Frosted cards can come in all shapes and size (just like paper) but typically follow the same standard size. They’re produced from durable plastic that is very difficult to tear up like paper cards do over time. The cards are still printed and cut using the same methods, a heavy duty guillotine will easily cut through the plastic. Not only that, they are designed to withstand moisture along with dirt from being dropped or stored in a bag or wallet for months if not years at a time.

Another benefit of frosted plastic cards is that they have the ability to be transparent, this mixed with graphics or motifs can really make the relevant company pop off of the card. The information they present is the same type of advice that any business card would provide, including:

  • Name of the company,
  • All contact information,
  • Branding advice (emblems, slogans, pictures, etc.)

The contact information is of course the primary information that clients / customers are searching for when they ask for a business card so it is very important to be clearly shown on the card. Branding is vitally important as well because it will permit the card to advertise on the businesses behalf with time.

Folks notice the difference between traditional paper cards and frosted cards promptly. Frosted cards will probably be discarded less often because individuals prefer to keep them and look at them again. They give people the feeling of being given a mere piece of paper instead they were handed something valuable.

Who benefits from using cards that are frosted?

Many businesses are actually using frosted cards for their interactions and to demonstrate their customers and potential future customers that they take their company seriously. While others are using the frosted cards in particular marketing campaigns, frosted cards aren’t being used by the majority as a replacement for paper cards.

Any business which has advice they want people to see to get quite a while would be well advised to buy cards that are frosted.

They have been likely to function as standard in the foreseeable future while frosted cards may be a novelty now that captures focus! Paper cards are rapidly being replaced since they don’t hold up well to the way business cards are carried by most people. Why not jump ahead of the crowd and start changing over to plastic cards now?

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